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How Kalan's Browser is different from other commercial browser?

  1. Automatic Web Address Validation
  2. Last Site Info
  3. Time Sensitive Browser
  4. Automatic Refersh
  5. More Features
  6. Parental Control
  7. Last Update Info
  8. System Info
  9. Kalan's Ultimate Popup Terminator

Automatic URL check 
URL is abbreviated form for Universal Resource Locator which is a valid Internet address or a location of a file in a drive.
Unlike other browsers, Kalan's Browser© automatically checks the Web addresses entered for browsing. It rejects addresses with wrong formats and lets the user to check and re-type right address. This feature saves a lot of time because other browsers try to find Web sites without checking validity of addresses. Since Internet is constantly growing it's very hard to keep up with new extensions that come to stay however, I tried to include most of the general extensions such as .com, .net etc

Last site info

Kalan's Browser © remembers the last site you visited and if the last site info is turned on. Default setting for this feature is ON. It may also be set to OFF

Kalan's Browser© is time sensitive 
Kalan's Browser © is made to recognize the current activities of a time period and generate menus that will take the user to specific Web sites that are ones of the most visited sites in that specific time period of the year. For an example during the French Open, Favorite menu will have a sub menu French Open, when French open is over the French Open menu will also automatically disappear. Likewise, Wimbledon sub menu can be found from Favorite menu during Wimbledon Tennis Open.
There are only few time sensitive features currently added to Kalan's Browser © but more such features will be added to Kalan's Browser © in the future versions.

Auto Refresh
If this feature is turned ON, Kalan's Browser © will update the current Web site for every six minutes. It's very useful if the user watches a game or observes stock quota over the Internet.

More added features
This new version of Kalan's Browser© is loaded with lot of preset Internet addresses so that numerous useful Web sites can be accessed just by one click.

Parental Control 
A Parental Control
mechanism was introduced with this version to enable the parents to stop their young ones from visiting Un authorized sites. Web sites that expose Sexually explicit contents, violence, racially antipathy thoughts and extreme religious doctrines or non Christian doctrines are automatically blocked by Kalan's Browser© when parental control is turned on. However, mature users may turn off the Parental Control by clicking Tool menu then Parental Control Off. You might need a password to do so.
When Parental Control is turned on it will also suppress few popup and default setting for Parental Control is "On".

When current site was last updated 
Some times you may wonder how old are the information you are currently looking at from a page, and you may be anxious to find out when that information were uploaded to the Web server, a method to check the date when that page was last updated was added under Tool menu. By clicking "When the current site was Last Updated" then "Run the Check" will show you the exact date and the time when that particular page was last updated in a dialog box.

System Info 
System info option of Kalan Browser© gives you an opportunity to view your PC's underlying hardware and software configuration. This feature option may be used to find out your PC's memory, space availability on your hard drive and so forth. More importantly you can detect third party spywares that work simultaneously with Kalan Browser© (or any other browsers) while you are browsing Internet. Spywares are one of the main sources that trigger the popup. Knowing what spywares are installed in your PC will give you an opportunity to get rid of them. However, use caution if you want to uninstall spywares because deleting some dependency files may cause your PC malfunction.

More New features from Versions 1.0.190 and higher

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