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Kalan's Browser Help Part II

  1. Browser In Browser-Kalan's BIB
  2. Open Windows Programs

Full Screen Viewing
You may view any Web pages in a Full Screen mode which gives you the maximum viewing area. Follow these steps to view Web pages in Full Screen mode. Open the web page from Kalan's Menu or by entering web address of your choice at the address bar then click Go to open the web page on the regular mode wait until page is completely loaded then Go to Top menu Tools then select "View full Screen" to view your web page in full screen mode. To come back to regular mode click on "X Close Full Screen" hyper link. You may toggle between regular mode and full screen mode as many times as you want without loosing any data. Games provided with Kalan's Browser will only be opened in full screen mode and you may not be able to bring them to regular mode. Native HTML documents such as Help, ActiveX and several others that come with Kalan's Browser are not participants of Full Screen features unless those native HTML documents are accessed to be viewed from the top level menu "Go" of Kalan's Browser.

Browser In Browser-BIB
A feature similar to Picture In Picture found in TVs
This feature enables you to view a second web page simultaneously with a main web page. When Kalan's BIB is activated, it will open on left - top corner of the main browser and stay affixed to the main browser until you choose to close it or hide it with "HIDE" tab. This will help you view some pages quickly without having to open a new instance of the browser or without having to browse away from your main page. Kalan's BIB also has an address bar to enter web addresses and controls such as Back, Forward, Stop, Refresh common navigational tools any typical browsers should have. Popup termination technology of Kalan's Browser also used with Kalan's BIB to suppress any possible popup. When the check box next to navigational controls is checked popup will be terminated and when it is unchecked it will allow popup and any links that open up a new window. When a popup terminated a flag carrying the message of popup termination will appear on the top portion of the screen and disappear automatically. Kalan's BIB was also built strictly to abide by Parental Control policy of Kalan Macrosoft however, unlike the Main Kalan's Browser you cannot unlog the Parental Control from Kalan's BIB meaning that you may not be able to view any restricted websites in Kalan's BIB at any time. To activate Kalan's BIB please follow these steps: Go to Tools from the top menu of Kalan's Browser and then select "Open Kalan Browser In Browser (BIB)" when prompted enter the web address of the site you want to view and press enter or click the tab When Kalan's BIB is visible enter the website address in the address bar of Kalan's BIB and click to view a different web page. Kalan's BIB will not be accessible with Full Screen mode. You may also use the "HIDE" tab to put Kalan's BIB temporarily out of your way by clicking "HIDE" tab located next to navigational tools of the Kalan's BIB To view Kalan's BIB again go to Tools and click "Show Kalan's Browser In Browser(BIB)

View Screen Shot of BIB

Open Windows Programs
You may open programs that comes with windows such as NotePad or Calculator direct from the "Windows Programs" top-level menu and click the appropriate sub menu to open any available programs. Application such as Notepad and Calculator are usually part of windows package, however, in order to be able to open programs such as MS Word or MS Power Point Or Out Look you needed to have them already installed in your PC.

More New features from Versions 1.0.285 and higher

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